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Security Vulnerability Scanning & Fixing - Download free trial today!Automatically keeps Microsoft operating systems and applications patched and updated - Download your FREE Trial copy !Earn your Master of Science in Information Security at an NSA approved UniversityThe United States Navy Welcomes You Aboard ! - Go Navy !Click here to get more info - $1 per pixel per year... what a bargooon ! - Security Consultant - HIPAA, SOX, etc. Sec. Mgt, Risk Evals, Pgm. Mgt, Worldwide ServicesCall 888-R-U-OWNED :: Web Application Assessments to satisfy PCI, FFEIC, and Sarbanes :: Strategic security solutions to protect your digital assetsToyota celebrates the 15 millionth North American-made vehicleThe recognized leader in Managed Security Services (MSS). Guardent's security consulting and managed services are integrated into VeriSigns solution portfolioNational Australian Bank - one of Australias oldest financial institutions.Best of IPSEC & SSL VPNSControl who uses your content, what they do with it, for how long, and when. Click here to learn how...Real Training - Not Sideshows - Proven Methods - Proven Success RateAcunetix WVS automatically checks your web applications for SQL Injection, XSS other web vulnerabilities.Manufacturer of the Magicard smart card printers. Rio and Tango printers are recommended for ID cards, membership cards and cards used in loyalty schemes and access control systems.'; return true PDF Security, copy protection software for HTML, copy protection software for PPTsoftware protection, software licensing, anti reverse engineeringNetClarity Inc. - Award Winning Vulnerability Management and Clientless NAC AppliancesHome SecurityOnline Colleges
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  • CVE20144115 Analysis Malicious USB Disks Allow For Possible Whole System Control
  • Secure Searching Sticks This USB Device Ensures Private Browsing.
  • Cannot see a TFS drops location from inside a network isolated environment for Release Management
  • Removal instructions for SavingsDownloader
  • DSC Resource Kit wave 8
  • CVE20120158 continues to be used in targeted attacks
  • IoT Nightmares Roundup and Infographic
  • Pirate Bay Cofounder Risks 5 years in Prison for Hacking
  • FilmOn accuses DoubleVerify of distributing malware
  • Estonia citizen extradited to NYC in cyber case
  • Phishing Attack Leads To Bank Breach
  • Troj AgentWFN Trojan.Win32.Spy Backdoor.Win32.Hupigon
  • W32.Changeupgen15 Worm.Win32.WBNA.bqi Mal SillyFDCT.
  • Packed.Generic.356 Trojan.Win32.VBKrypt.fgzq DownloaderCNO.a Troj VBFMS.
  • CoreGuardAntivirus2009 TrojanDownloader.Win32.FraudLoad.wzbn
  • Trojan.Gen Mal FakeAVKL Trojan.Win32.FakeAV
  • W32.Changeup TrojanFACE161869A471DF Troj VBFXU Worm.Win32.Vobfus.
  • Trojan.FakeAVgen44 Trojan.Win32.FakeAV.aaxf Generic FakeAlert.amb.
  • Trojan.Ransomlockgen1 TrojanRansom.Win32.HmBlocker.csi Mal FakeAVGQ.
  • Trojan.Gen IMWorm.Win32.Zeroll.dd Generic Malware.amats Mal Behav103.
  • Backdoor.Tidserv Trojan.Win32.TDSS.awpu Mal TDSSPackQ.
  • Trojan Horse Trojan.Win32.Buzus.elwj BackDoorCSN Mal Behav328.
  • The VB2014 presentation you never saw. Early launch Android malware your phone is 0wned
  • IoT Nightmares The Pacemakers
  • Chinese Espionage Group Directed a 6Year Widescale Offensive Infosecurity Magazine
  • Open source Knock Knock tool reveals OS X malware Help Net Security
  • Multilanguage support Not your everyday spam
  • Free Software Foundation hack
  • Teachers ex accused of hacking email sending nude pics to students

      Free Online Virus
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    BitDefender online scanner
    Avast! Online Scanner
    AVERT WebImmune
    BitDefender Online Scanner
    eTrust Virus Scanner
    eTrust PestScan
    F-Secure Online Virus Scanner
    GFI Email Security Testing
    GFI Event Log Scan
    HouseCall by TrendMicrol
    Kaspersky - Free Online Virus Scan
    Live OneCare - Clean Up Scan
    Live OneCare - Protection Scan
    Live OneCare - Tune Up Scan
    Live OneCare - Full Service Scan
    McAfee - FreeScan
    Microsoft - Malicious Software Removal Tool
    Microsoft - Windows Update
    Panda's Active Scan
    PC Pitstop Virus Scan
    Symantec (Norton) Security Check
    Symantec - Security Check

  •   Earlier Virus Alerts & News
      From Around the Internet

  • Troj AgentAJSA
  • Troj AgentAJSB
  • Troj FareitDG
  • Troj InjectBFZ
  • Troj InjectBGA
  • Troj KryptikEE
  • Troj MdropGHF
  • Troj RansomANH
  • Troj ZbotJDA
  • W32.Downadup.B Trojan.Win32.Genome.a Mal ConfickerA NetWorm.Win32.Kido.
  • Attack campaign infects industrial control systems with BlackEnergy malware
  • W32 Tepfer.UNYYtr.pws
  • W32 SpyEyes.ASDKtr
  • W32 Agent.AJOZLtr
  • W32 Yakes.GXLJtr
  • W32 Poison.HDENtr.bdr
  • W32 VB.CSQFtr
  • PHP Shell.AWPexploit
  • W32 DarkKomet.CKYLtr.bdr
  • W32 FraudLoad.ZSWPtr.dldr
  • W32 Llac.JNJHtr
  • VBS Knlobf.Gen
  • Health Alert
  • Gs Sustainer
  • Removal instructions for Storm Alert
  • Dyre malware targeting Swiss bank customers Help Net Security
  • CurrentC gets user email addresses pickpocketed
  • How bots and zombies work and why you should care
  • Dont wear your Google Glass or other wearables when watching a movie
  • Forget trickortreating Kill a Zombie this Halloween
  • Troj AgentAJSM
  • Troj BankerGFP
  • Troj InjectBGC
  • Troj VBHSI
  • Troj VBInjJM

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  • AEC (Trustport)
  • AVG (formerly Grisoft)
  • Agnitum (Outpost)
  • AhnLab (V3Net)
  • Aladdin (eSafe)
  • Alwil Software (avast!)
  • ArcaBit (ArcaVir)
  • Authentium (Command)
  • Avira (AntiVir)
  • BitDefender (formerly Softwin)
  • Bullguard
  • CA (Corporate)
  • CA (Home user)
  • Central Command (Vexira)
  • ClamAV (open source)
  • Comodo (BOClean)
  • Cybersoft (VFind/VTSK)
  • Doctor Web
  • eEye Digital Security (Blink)
  • ESET (Nod32)
  • Ewido
  • F-Secure
  • Fortinet
  • Frisk Software (F-PROT)
  • G DATA (AVK)
  • Ggreat
  • HAURI (ViRobot)
  • IBM ISS (Proventia)
  • Ikarus

      Anti-Virus Bloggers
      - around the Internet

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  •   Anti Virus Vendors
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  • Iolo
  • Kaspersky Lab
  • Kingsoft
  • Lavasoft (AdAware)
  • McAfee, Inc. (formerly Network Associates)
  • MicroWorld Software (eScan)
  • Microsoft (Forefront)
  • Microsoft (OneCare)
  • Moon Secure (open source AV for Windows project)
  • New Technology Wave Inc. (VirusChaser)
  • Norman Data Defense Systems
  • PC Tools (Spyware Doctor)
  • Panda Software
  • ParetoLogic
  • Proland Software (Protector Plus)
  • Quick Heal Technologies
  • Rising
  • Sophos PLC
  • SpyBot - Search & Destroy
  • Sunbelt Software (CounterSpy)
  • Symantec Corporation (Norton)
  • Trend Micro Inc.
  • VirusBlokAda (VBA32)
  • VirusBuster Ltd.
  • Webroot (Spy Sweeper)
  • ZoneLabs (ZoneAlarm)

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    Hacker News Network-Daily News
    Packet Storms Download Sections
    The Ultimate Download Section
    HackerWhacker-Watches Sites
    Church of the Swimming Elephant
    Taliskers - Tools & Reviews

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  • BlackSpider
  • Brightmail
  • Commtouch Software
  • Cyber Sentry
  • Marshal Software
  • MessageLabs
  • NetCleanse
  • Postini
  • ScanSafe

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